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for the kids

To accept Jesus as their savior, be baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit, and equipped to fulfill the purpose God has for their lives.

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for the ministry

To reach kids and their families with the love of God, the hope of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit

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for the w&f team

To build a strong, unified and effective team equipped to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of children, birth through fifth grade

Wednesday nights Wild and Free girls and boys experience a discipleship program that is top notch! From ages three to five, boys and girls alike are a part of the Rainbows class where learning about God and the animals he created teach us we are all helpers. Students earn badges by attendance and Bible memorization. It is truly the coolest class on campus!

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Boys are plugged into a program called Royal Rangers. In this environment men begin to mentor young men teaching life skills like how to tie knots, properly use a knife, first aid, and so much more! Through learning God’s Word boys leave this program young men ready to move to the next level in Christ and with skills they will use for a lifetime. The boys earn merits and even experience a campout as a right of passage.

Girls are mentored in a program called Missionettes. This program is designed to teach girls how to become the women God intends them to be. Cooking, music, and creation, are just a small sampling of the merits the girls will earn as they make their way through this curriculum. Life lessons accompany Biblical truth as girls giggle their way through Wednesday nights.

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An exciting competition between the boys and girls takes place each spring as they showcase their handmade wooden cars in the Pine Car Derby. It’s a heated battle of boys verses girls and winner takes home bragging rights for a whole year (as well as the trophy). These programs are vital to the foundation our children built before becoming teenagers.